High-efficiency degreasing walnut shell filter material

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Walnut shell filter material has the characteristics of large specific surface area, large porosity, high compressive strength and oleophilic hydrophobicity, so it is widely used in the treatment of oily wastewater in oil fields. So what are the characteristics of the walnut shell filter material in the oil field? The following is a brief explanation by Meiqi:


Characteristics of walnut shell filter material 1. It has multi-faceted and microporous properties, strong soil-loading power and high removal rate of oil and suspended solids. 2, with multi-ribbon and different particle size, forming deep bed filtration, enhanced oil removal capacity and filtration rate. 3, with hydrophilic non-lipophilic and suitable specific gravity, easy to wash, strong regenerative. 4, the hardness is large, and it is not easy to corrode by special treatment, no need to replace the filter material, only add 10% each year, reduce maintenance costs and maintenance time, improve utilization. Walnut shell activated carbon use 1, oil field oily sewage treatment: oil removal and suspended solids. 2. Industrial oil-containing industrial water treatment: deoiling and suspended solids. 3, civil water and industrial water treatment: remove suspended solids in water, improve water quality.


Saimo walnut shell filter material and abrasive manufacturer supply walnut oil filter material for oil field and domestic sewage treatment, engine carbon cleaning, precision parts polishing, and walnut shell polishing for jewelry polishing.


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