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Walnut Kernel Walnut Kernel

High Quality Walnut from primitive ecology trees of Taihang Mountains district primitive ecology trees and Chinese other walnut production base Raw Walnuts are a great source of high quality walnut kernel We supply natural walnut kernels, sorted as per the demands of our clients..

Walnut In Shell Walnut In Shell

High Quality Walnut from primitive ecology trees of Taihang Mountains district primitive ecology trees and Chinese other walnut production base

Walnut Shell Powder Walnut Shell Powder

Walnut shell powder is made up of walnut shell broken grinding classification ,which is a new type of natural green pollution-free additives, is widely used in oil drilling, paint coatings, cosmetics industry, plastic, rubber composite and ceramic manufacturing and other industries

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  • Years of experience

    Years of practical experience has helped win a reputable company. Saimo main production of walnut in shell,walnut kernel,walnut oil, walnut kernel flour, almond kernel flour, sweet canned walnut kernel and other products.

  • Factory and Workshop

    production area of 18600 square meters, staff more than 200, with Five high quality walnut experiment demonstration base ,organic walnut planting base 130 hectares.
    As professional supplier of walnut kernel and walnut in shell ,we have our own workshop to pick up and pack walnut products .Clearly workshop , Stainless steel tabletop,special workers.

  • Our Service

    High Quality ,Excellent after-sales service,Honest ,we will try our best to support your business ,wish we can build long term relationship base on our best service.
    Looking forward to different friends from all over the word to visit and guide us.


Hebei Saimo is engaged in producuing,purchases of agricultural and sideline products with deep processing enterprises, the main production of walnut in shell,walnut kernel,walnut oil, walnut kernel flour, almond kernel flour, sweet canned walnut kernel and other products.We have advanced equipment for processing and expeditions to such products.
We,always provide complete customer satisfaction, while insisting on the highest food quality and safety standards in the industry.Seven Fruit is continuously renewing and improving its company image...

12 Sep
The Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Walnuts

The Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Walnuts....

15 May
walnut shell powder used for skin

Walnut shells are extremely hard and do not break down in the product. Their hardness makes them a highly effective natural body scrub coping very efficiently with even thick deposits of dead surface skin. ....

23 Apr
Walnuts nutrition facts

Walnuts nutrition facts....

02 Apr
How to save walnuts

First place it in a place that is ventilated and ventilated, do not use a sealed bag, preferably use a cloth bag, sack or other bag with better air permeability.....

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